l to r: Dick Arthur, Bill Culberson, Bill Dunn, Tim Daniel, Bob Long, Greg Quinn and Robert Herbert. With two veterans who received prayer shawls.

Tuesday, July 30th, was our quarterly visit to the Durham VA to visit with the veterans and play a few games of Bingo. There’s definitely some fire in these veterans. They sure let us know that we were 2 minutes late. You know how it is when vets of all the branches of the US military get in the same room. It was all in fun and it’s definitely all about the camaraderie and fellowship. Of course, the one gentleman may not want Senior Vice Bob Long to assist next time. It took him forever to win a game!

Sgt at Arms Timothy Daniel pulling the numbers for the third game.
Judge Advocate Bill Culberson assisting one of the veterans.
Chaplain Greg Quinn playing with his phone with Dick Arthur looking on.